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20040708 Thursday July 08, 2004

Attack Of The Old-school Uber-Guitar Gods The rumors are persisting and even some dates heard for the US tour by Ulrich Roth and Michael Schenker this fall.

If you're into old UFO and Scorpions, you'll recognize the importance of this event. Amongst guitar geeks, Ulrich Roth is a legend (and to everyone else he's just an old hippie) -- one such friend saw Roth perform in Dusseldorf a earlier this year where he played Scorpions songs from the pre-Lovedrive era ("Sails of Charon", "Hellcat", etc). I love that stuff! And seeing Michael Schenker will be a great blast form the past (like, it was over 20 years ago when I was a youngster and saw MSG in Oakland... 1980? 1981?) but seeing Roth pull those old tunes will just kick ass!

These are some of the tour dates heard of so far

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