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20040521 Friday May 21, 2004

Bill Gates' Clue Inkling (But Only An Inkling) I suppose sooner or later it was inevitable that the swarm of motion in the blogosphere might cause a wobble in The Borg's orbit.

Bill Gates stood before a crowd of top CEO's and waxed on about where he see things going. Now, if you'd read any of his drivel (like The Road Ahead) where he positions himself as a technocaster, you know that at least half the time, he's full-o-crap. But that doesn't matter when you're the richest schmuck on this rock, does it?

"Another new phenomenon that connects into this is one that started outside of the business space, more in the corporate or technical enthusiast space, a thing called blogging. And a standard around that that notifies you that something has changed called RSS."
Bill, RSS and notifications are orthogonal. Don't you have a technical editor review your speeches before you get to the podium? RSS is a confined set of metadata. Period.

What would Bill blog? Posts about how great SCO is? How much he hates Mac OS X cause it's so much better than anything he'd come up with? ( May 21 2004, 02:21:27 PM PDT ) Permalink


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