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20040324 Wednesday March 24, 2004

I want free WiFi without 128 bit WEP (or maybe "I need to get a new WiFi card") This is my last rant of the day. I think. Sometimes when I'm downtown, I sure would like to be able to sit down, plug my laptop in (for power, I have a sucky battery) and just get a little bit done.

I went to Golden Gate Perk where they have free WiFi for paying customers. Great! I ordered a chicken pie but sat down to realize that my wireless card (I have an old Orinoco "Silver" card which only supports 64 bit WEP) wouldn't work, they only support 128 bit WEP. Well, the chicken pie was good.

If you go to Google's search results for WiFi downtown, there's no way to refine the search to show

  1. which ones are free
  2. which ones support 64 bit WEP (or are open, I'm using SSH and SSL for important stuff anyway...)
In the meantime, I guess I'll keep an eye on the Cheese Bikini page for this stuff. And if anybody has an Orinoco "Gold" card (are these credit cards or NIC's?) that they feel like sending me, donations are gladly accepted! ( Mar 24 2004, 11:17:25 PM PST ) Permalink


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