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20040524 Monday May 24, 2004

Moblogging with my Treo 600 The PictureMail service that SprintPCS has always seemed a little bass akwards. It doesn't allow you to send pictures directly to someone but instead can only send them a link to view it on SprintPCS' web server.

That might not be a bad thing per se but when I first wanted to setup my blog with a little procmail magic to post pictures, I was stymied by the limitations of PictureMail. Well, it turns out that Buzznet's moblogware supports fetching the fetching the PictureMail content and posting it!

So I'm gonna give it a go, I'm posting stuff from my Treo 600
there in separate blog simply named Pictures on my Treo 600
(hey, who says these things have to have clever names?).

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