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20070423 Monday April 23, 2007

Simple is as simple ... dohs!

I was working on an Evil Plan (tm) to serialize python feedparser results with simplejson.

 parsedFeed = feedparser.parse(feedUrl)
 print simplejson.dumps(parsedFeed) 
Unfortunately, I'm hitting this:
TypeError: (2007, 4, 23, 16, 2, 7, 0, 113, 0) is not JSON serializable 
I'm suspecting there's a dictionary in there that has a tuple as key and that's not allowed in JSON-land. So much for simple! Looks like I'll be writing a custom serializer fror this. I was just trying to write a proof-of-concept demo; what I've proven is that just 'cause "simple" is in the name, doesn't mean I'll be able to do everything I want with it very simply.

I've had a long day. A good night's sleep and fresh eyes on it tomorrow will probably get this done but if yer reading this tonight and you happen to have something crafty up your sleeve for extending simplejson for things like this, let me know!


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