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20070426 Thursday April 26, 2007

Temperature Swings At The Old Ball Game

The rhythm of the baseball is always about hot streaks and cold streaks. In the 2006 season, the Giants couldn't put together any sustained hot streaks; it was a dark time for Giants fans -- I don't think they won more than 3 games in row and that they only did a few times. The first weeks of 2007 baseball were even darker; losing 7 out of the first 9 games disheartened a lot of fans. But what a difference now, the Giants have gone from a polar chill to an equatorial blaze in a matter of weeks; they've won 9 of their last 10!

Matt Cain finally has the victory he's been deserving; he's got a 1.55 ERA but what should be a 4-0 record is only at 1-1 so far. I think we're gonna see his W:L ratio shifting favorably in the weeks ahead. Barry Bonds is getting pitches, and smashing them. I'm sure soon enough competing team managers will get the message: the old Barry is back and crushinger than ever and we'll see lots of 4 finger calls. But for now, enjoy the ride.

Yesterday's victory came on the backs of a partial relief squad (Todd Linden and Lance Niekro) as Omar Vizquel and Dave Roberts took a rest (Roberts came on late in the as a pinch runner and scored). Next up this evening, Russ Ortiz will duel against Brad Penny and I'm looking forward to an exciting game. Three words: beat sweep el aye!


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