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20070413 Friday April 13, 2007

Throw Out The Bums

The Bush administration and their friends run the gamut from "that's fishy" (WMD's? In Iraq?) to "that's wrong" (poor judgement of intelligence) to "more corrupt than any Presidential regime in history" -- there's no salvaging this presidency, it's an unmitigated train wreck. The judgement is not just regarding the subterfuge of warring on Iraq premised on phoney Al-queda links, the misinformation around the "we're winning in Iraq" meme, nor the recently illuminated goose-stepping in the Justice Department. George Bush, with the aid of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, will certainly be judged by future retrospectives as the worst president in American history. Let's pile on the recently divulged shenanigans of Paul Wolfowitz, was one of the primary architects of the President's Big Lies of Foreign Policy. Wolfowitz has been perking up his personal dalliances on the tax payer's dime! The details emerging in the news this week (see Wolfowitz Apologizes For 'Mistake' - At World Bank, Boos Over Pay for Girlfriend) underscores what a buncha corrupt and loathsome creeps these hypocritical neo-con bozos are.

Impeachment proceedings? Criminal prosecution? Nuremberg trials? I'm not sure where it should stop but there clearly is much to be done. Throw out the bums!


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