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20090304 Wednesday March 04, 2009

Welcome to the Technorati Top 100, Mr. President

Since its inception just 6 weeks ago, the White House Blog has had a tremendous center of gravity. I noted the volume of links coming in to the White House Blog after the first week. This is an existential moment for the blogosphere because today the White House Blog has 3216 links from 2323 blogs. And so it's official: the White House Blog has reached the Technorati Top 100.

I find myself reflecting on what the top 100 looked like four years ago, after the prior presidential inauguration, and what it looks like today; the blogosphere is a very different place. Further down memory lane, who recalls when Dave Winer and Instapundit were among the top blogs? Yep, most of the small publishers have been displaced by those with big businesses behind them. Well, at least BoingBoing endures but Huffpo and Gizmo better watch out, here comes Prezbo.


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