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20040224 Tuesday February 24, 2004

Snake Eyes Often, it's just a roll of the dice.

The line at the carpool was at least twenty five persons deep when I arrived. At that point, it becomes a dilemma: do I wait it out and ride in on the 'pool or do I just say "screw it" and jump on the train? There wasn't exactly a throng of cars chipping away at the line, it could be a long wait. When the rain started to come down and I realized that I didn't have an umbrella, I sez to meself: "screw it!"

I hustled into the station. From the platform, a clear view of the carpool pickup point is evident. Here it was, just moments later, there was no rain and the line looked to be about halved in size! Was it halved because others were following my example and bailing out on the line? A steady procession of cars were apparent as the BART sign flashed "11 minutes" for the next train. It now looked like those people who'd held fast were likely to get downtown before me and with more train fare left on their tickets.

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