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20040710 Saturday July 10, 2004

Vote For Somebody Else You don't have to love John Kerry to be happy voting for him but you really have to hate yourself if you vote for George Bush.

Today I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. It didn't change my mind about anything, I've felt for a long time that George Bush is devious and he's devious about grave matters (not dalliances, as the prior president was). Michael Moore's film probably won't change the mind of anybody who's backing Bush -- if you still back him now you must be in serious denial of reality -- but it may sway someone who hasn't otherwise been paying attention to how weak the original case for war was. Even people like Mr. Voice of Reason have come around to fessing up to the errors of their ways as far as following along to beat of the war drums: if The President says that there is sufficient evidence of a threat, he should be given the benefit of the doubt? Well, you gotta give us something, Mr. President and you've come up with zilch. While I shed no tears for Saddam Hussein the bottom line is that there are lots of brutal little dictatorships around the world, is it our business to go around steamrolling them? Apparently, only if it compliments another agenda.

George Bush and his crew have had a long festering antagonism towards Hussein for lots of reasons:

So Michael Moore didn't get into all of these aspects but he layed out pretty clearly that the Bush adminstration has had a pathological fixation on Iraq that has distracted from neutralizing the Al Queda network. Finally, Bush is spending enormous amounts of money that the government doesn't have to support this. We're going to pay the price for this in the form of high interest rates and economic inflation for years to come. Yea, so much for being a fiscally conservative compassionate conservative. George Bush is a devious shill and should be rendered unemployed as soon as possible.

So if you're not mad, get mad. And vote for somebody else. ( Jul 10 2004, 10:24:36 PM PDT ) Permalink