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20041221 Tuesday December 21, 2004

Rigorous Operations, Agile Development When it comes to software development, I generally eschew rigorous planning. I prefer to take a defined set of use cases, ascertain that they are the important ones and develop tests and code to fullfill them -- no design documents, no architecture documents and no UML diagrams unless they're helping me think through the data model and call stacks (i.e. sequence diagrams).

The recent colo move that I worked on all last weekend with my cohorts at Technorati was a good demonstration where rigor pays off: operations. Physically moving an entire network requires shared knowledge of complex network systems, detailed resource allocation and troubleshooting contingencies amidst a maze of dependencies requires rigorous documentation, planning and coordination. My hats off to Matt, David, Aaron, Bill and Adam for rising to the occasion and kicking butt. It's been an honor and a pleasure, gentlemen.

I'm in New Mexico for a spell, hoping to take a side trip up to Ski Santa Fe to get a lil bit o' frozen bliss.

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