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20050101 Saturday January 01, 2005

The Top Tsunami Sites I did a little digging around and found some of the top sites for relief information, reactions, pictures and videos of Sunday's Tsunami.

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog
On going coverage of relief news, publications and other linkable resources
Tsunami Relief
Google's thumnail list of relief organizations
QuickBird Images of Tsunami Sites
Stunning satellite photos with before and after shots of Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Cheese and Crackers: Tsunami Video
Tons of links to amateur video's from the region that capture the power and immensity of the tsunami
I can't read Japanese but people that do are reading this a lot
Raw Print | Westboro Baptist Tsunami Statement
Those Kansas right-wing nutjobs (ya know, the "god hates fags" zealots) are at it again with their Sodom and Gomorrah crap. "Thank God for Tsunami. Thank God for 3,000 dead Americans!" Wow, you'd think the pastor at Westboro Baptist Church is really Osama Bin Laden. More and more, I think that seceding from the union sounds like a good idea.
Support UNICEF's Tsunami Relief Efforts
Ya know, it's for the kids. $50, $100, $250, $500 or any amount you can give will make a difference.
Network for Good :: Help Support Disaster Relief in Southeast Asia
A good collection of emergency response and on-going relief organizations. Certainly there must be one for you.
CNN.com - Aid groups accepting donations for victims
Who says that big media has no soul? They care too!
MoveOn.org: Tsunami Relief
The Bush administration stepped forward first with $15M, then $35M and today brought it up to $350M. MoveOn's petition says
President Bush and Congress must offer whatever assistance is necessary to prevent further human suffering in the wake of the tsunami disaster.
I arrived at this list with some simple pokes at the data coming through at Technorati, I might try to spiff this up a little bit and turn it into a feature.

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