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20050506 Friday May 06, 2005

Ottmar Liebert's blog I just found Ottmar Liebert's blog. He's got an archive that goes back over 11 years! I've long enjoyed his music -- his mix of staccato and graceful classically inspired melodies and textures have always appealed to me; looks like his blog is clueful too and now I've got a new feed to read!

His blog posts cover the gamut of canned food selections at Whole Foods (I've been to that one he shops at in Santa Fe, it's an oasis of good eats), tour dates, instruments, creative commons and tech toys. He's also got an impressive flickr stream. Good to see musicians showing up with a voice other than the one on their recorded works and better to find ones whose repertoire you already dig.

Here are some selections that I'll often have on the 'phones when I'm writing code

Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

Nouveau Flamenco
Ottmar Liebert

Ottmar Liebert

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