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20061202 Saturday December 02, 2006

So Long, Sam

In my wild, youthful daze of ... indulgence, I could count on Sam Kress to goad me on to indulge more. We shared a common bond, loathing all that spankles and poofs, reveling in the too-loud-and-too-fast-so-suck-it-up sounds of the day. I learned this day via my bud @ Umlaut of Sam's passing. Crap! Sam was one of those people who leaves on indelable mark on your memory with his fervent exhortations and swaggering enthusiasm. Even just recently (at the Godsmack show), I thought of Sam when I put down a shot of Jack Daniels (yea, I know, I should stick to the cabernet, they say resveratrol is much healthier, good 'nuff excuse for me). I last saw Sam at a reunion party of sorts (a gathering of old-schoolers) about a year ago, I hadn't seen him in maybe 15 years or so but that mischievious gleam in his eye was still there.

Heathen were formed in 1984 by guitarist Lee Altus and drummer Carl Sacco. Even without a bassist, this lineup played a single gig, on April 21st, 1985. Then, Jim Sanguinetti left to form Mordred and was replaced by Doug Piercey on guitars. Sam Kress, who was a better songwriter than vocalist, was kicked out in late 1985 and David Godfrey of Blind Illusion was asked to join.
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Yea, Dave's a better singer but Sam could growl like a mofo.

So long, Sam. I don't drink much whiskey any more but next time I have the occasion, I'll be raising it for you. I'll probably drink straight out of the bottle and pass it around, just for old times sake.


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