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20060101 Sunday January 01, 2006

No Vacancy

This blog had a nice long vacation but it is now occupied, again. No, I wasn't in Borneo. I wasn't kidnapped by aliens (you never can be sure though, can you?). Nor was I in the hospital. I just found myself wanting to fix my platform but always too busy to do it. So I just didn't blog at all (except for on my super secret alter-ego blogs). While my efforts at going from 0.98 to 2.0.x of Roller never seemed to work out, I did get it to a 1.1 release (hey, take a little progress if you can't get it all). Most of all, I ditched my old template and stylesheet, they were pretty long in the tooth... (I think) this seems a lot cleaner.

A lot has happened with Technorati, the blogosphere, my deep dives into various technologies and other stuff. And there's more to come. And it's a new year. And speaking of which, it's that time again.

So here are my :

I'm going to get off my butt and get my cardiovascular system working. I'm going to overcome this rotator-cuff injury I've been hoping would just get better by itself (but never has). Ten years ago, I was physically fit easily, never got fat, injuries just healed themselves and I had no lack of physical agility and stamina. It didn't seem to matter that I didn't really try to take care of myself. Well, what a difference a decade makes and it matters now.
No, I don't need a new calling plan. I need to maintain my personal relationships a bit better. Between work and being with the kiddos and my better half, most of my other relationships have suffered.
I'm going to hit it out of the park with Technorati and live happily ever after. Or something like that. Last year, much of the effort at Technorati was focused on scaling models that can keep up with the blogosphere. Maybe we're not out of the woods now but we're in much better shape now than we were a year a ago (or even the duration in my blogging lapse). In 2006, it's showtime. See that fence about 339 feet away from the plate? Watch the ball go over the fence.

OK, so maybe it's all very self centered. Yea sure, somewhere along the way I'll be working to make the world a better place, too. But first things first.

Happy 2006!

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