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20060107 Saturday January 07, 2006

AJP13 for Ruby on Rails?

Let's call the CGI specification what it is: a burned out and anemic teenager. While it seems kinda cool that Apache 2.2's is going to get mod_proxy_fcgi, I've long wondered about using AJP13 to interface with web application runtimes other than servlet containers.

Brian McCallister did a kick butt cut-to-the-chase preso on Ruby on Rails at ApacheCon in San Diego. I can imagine why he's gung-ho to get a FastCGI support upto date, it seems to be the the way to run RoR. But since learning that AJP13 was going to be (and now is) built in to Apache 2.2's mod_proxy framework, I've been thinking how much nicer it'd be for other application frameworks to also be able to run outside the HTTP request handling process/thread.

We have some services that run under mod_perl that I've been taking second (and third) looks at. Wouldn't it be nice to deploy that application independent of the HTTP server runtime as one can with a Java webapp? Essentially, when it's boiled down to bare metal, perhaps that's all FastCGI is but it, it... it's CGI! Isn't it just setting/getting global environment variables? STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR? Isn't that so, well, 1994? Maybe I need to think about it some more but that was my take away last time I built anything with FastCGI (admittedly, in the 1990's).

I found what looks like AJP13 protocol support for Perl. Even though I don't read Japanese I'll infer from the context that he was/is interested in the same thing. Though whenever I see "use threads" in Perl, I fear the worst. Anyway, the likelihood of me finding myself with the time on my hands to implement AJP13 in Ruby is low; first, I still need to learn Ruby enough to get crafty.

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MSN bows to China

As I expected to hear about after first reading of Microsoft's policies were reported last summer, MSN has (as reported by msnbc.com) censored a Chinese blog at Beijing's request.

IMO, it behooves the Chinese speaking blogosphere outside of China to vigorously discuss this. Beijing will have to adapt or retreat into isolation, they (and the world) can't afford the latter.

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