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20070601 Friday June 01, 2007

Web Spam As Signs of the Times

There was a time not long ago when Findory offered a credible value proposition for participants and consumers of the blogosphere. The idea of a blog recommendation and reader personalization service is a good one. I guess things didn't work out as planned at Findory. Earlier this year, Greg Linden announced that Findory was riding into the sunset.

The old Findory blog (@ http://findory.blogspot.com/) has been dormant for some time (the last posts from Greg were in 2005), now it's been taken over by a splogger who has been grabbing abandoned blogspot URLs (this one has PageRank of 3) and posting link farm links and German keywords to them. Sad.

I'd recommend holding on to your blogspot URLs forever; even if you're not using 'em anymore it's better to maintain the museum piece than contribute to the web spam problem.


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