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20070616 Saturday June 16, 2007

Natural Hackasters

Hack Day: London, June 16/17 2007 I'm reading with amusement and wonder the events that unfolded at the Yahoo! Hackday in London. Apparently the Alexandra Palace main hall (the BBC's venue for this) has a roof that opens up. And it did. This was precipitated by a lightning strike on the building as a storm blew over (precipitated, storm: no pun left shall be unpunned). Yes, audience member laptops are open, PA system all setup... and it's raining inside the hall. Not to worry, all Londoners are equipped with umbrellas at all times. That's a fact. "I thought a bomb went off", sez Chad of the lightning strike when he was on IM a few hours later. Is the roof there like Chase Field where the Diamondbacks play baseball in Phoenix? I dunno, I'm checking out pictures of "Ally Pally" to assess. Anyway, power and wifi are back and the show goes on.

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