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20080412 Saturday April 12, 2008

Is WordPress the new Outlook?

UPDATE (2008-04-14): Matt Mullenweg has posted a response to the Security Focus alert, he says it's bogus. I agree that a security alert needs to include more specifics about how an exploit is applied. I'm hoping now that either the author of that report steps forward with details or invalidates the whole thing. I'm disowning the post below (yet) but clearly people are talking about and need to reckon with the facts.
Original post follows:

More WordPress security concerns have come to my attention and it reminds me of the days 5 or 10 years ago when every other day seemed to bring a new exploit with Microsoft's IIS web server, Exchange, Internet Explorer or Outlook. I recall having a conversation with an analyst at the time, we concluded that Outlook wasn't just a chunk of swiss cheese security holes, it was a virus platform. I'm starting to arrive at the same conclusion about WordPress, given the procession of security issues that have come to my attention.

This latest one seems to affect all versions of WordPress (2.3.3 and 2.5 users, you're not safe). I'd seen a report about it here, which lead me to an analysis posted few weeks ago. I've seen a number of blogs with those symptoms (though they were older and I'd assumed they'd fallen victim to the XML-RPC exploit). Assuming this is the same issue, Security Focus says all versions are vulnerable (there's a long list of vulnerable versions and an empty space under "Not Vulnerable:", bad news ). And there's no patch under the "Solutions" tab. Ugh!

My estimation of WordPress is falling through the floor, maybe it's the Microsoft of blogging platforms. If WordPress doesn't respond soon with an aggressive trustworthy blogging response soon, Technorati may have to quarantine indexing all WordPress installations. Sux.


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