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20080413 Sunday April 13, 2008

Speaking of Upgrades

UPDATE (2008-04-14):In his posted a responding to the Security Focus alert, Matt Mullenweg noted the wp-pro mailing list as a resource for people who need to find consultants to help maintain their installations. This is great to know.
Original post follows:
This old server I've been running my stuff on is really long in the tooth and I hate it (the CPU is ancient and RedHat 9 sucks but at the time so many years ago, it was my best option). So I'm migrating to a new host, faster CPU, more RAM, newer OS, new software installs (no more Apache 1.3, g'bye old chum) ... we can rebuild it, we have the technology. I'm not going to post any WordPress updates for a while. If you're one of the folks out there who need help upgrading I know there are folks like The Friendly Webmaster who are available to consult. Unfortunately, I don't know of any WordPress equivalent to Six Apart's Professional Network but I'll be happy to post pointers to you if you're a consultant who can help people out with their WordPress situations. Of course, watch for updates from the WordPress Blog and follow the forums for updates.

Meantime in Technorati's crawl data, the rate of WordPress site compromises hasn't really changed, there's a ton of WordPress installations that are being taken over. I've also been reading a lot of conflicting data points on the web and in email exchanges. Furthermore, I recently heard from a WordPresser that some of my information is wrong (though specifics were sparse) and I'd like to get whatever clarifications or corrections are necessary. Hopefully I'll hear back, I have no interest in posting inaccurate information; if/when I find out where it's wrong, I'll update here.

So for now, I'd like to thank my friends at ServePath for setting me up for the migration. I'll be working on moving my goods to some shinier digs and forgoing posting any more findings about WordPress for the time being. Peace out.


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