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20040918 Saturday September 18, 2004

Apache 2.0's poor adoption rate amongst LAMP developers

Although Apache 2.0 has been out for a while now, the risk for mod_perl and PHP based developers is still high.

I just ran into an interview I did with Linux Guru about two years ago. I was relatively upbeat at the time 'cause I expected that the innovations in Apache 2.0 would be sufficiently compelling that it'd drive mod_perl and PHP developers to "get on the bus." Sadly, that hasn't happened.

If you're serving static content or need to wire up an external application server (i.e. Tomcat via mod_jk), then Apache 2.0 is definitely the way to go. But the vast body of mod_perl modules on CPAN that work well with 1.x but don't with 2.0 does not bode well. Thread safe Perl and PHP development is really the key to Apache 2.0's success within that development community, it seems like it'd behoove RedHat, IBM and other vendors who've bet a lot on the open source integration market to spur this development.

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