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20040402 Friday April 02, 2004

Content Event Listeners Content publishing events should be like the ripples of a stone landing in a pond. Concentric circles of information modulation should eminate from the blessed event when new content is born.

Discovering that a stone has penetrated the surface of the water has traditional been discovered by scanning the bottom for new debris. What a waste of effort! Publication is an explicit, active event, why is it sufficient to discover its occurance after the fact, passively? These are the days of miracles and wonders indeed, we can tell those who have a registered interest in knowing that a publish even we should be concerned with has happened. Content event listeners will make it happen.

Metadata is your friend, my friend. It will be used to enrich us. ( Apr 02 2004, 05:49:22 PM PST ) Permalink
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Yes, you're definitely on to something :-) Dave

Posted by David Sifry on April 03, 2004 at 07:25 PM PST #

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