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20041008 Friday October 08, 2004

Google's Velocity Accelerating If you measure development velocity as the number of funcitonality points per time interval, then Google is definitely accelerating.

Check it out:

Gmail Atom Feed Coming?
According to internetnews.com, Google is enabling feeds of gmail mailboxes to make feed readers lightweight mail clients (well, readonly clients). I'm imagining subscribing to mailing list digests through gmail and reading them through a feed reader will become an adopted practice. Additionally, gmail's search capabilities are getting some augmentation.
Google Searches Books: Google Print
As has been widely publicized, Google Print seems to be Google's response to A9 ...so far Google Print has been down half the time I've tried to use it but I wouldn't bet against them executing well on it.
Google queryable via SMS
I'm imagining all kinds of goodness out of this... querying Froogle for prices while you're shopping bricks-n-mortar venues, looking up local bars and restaurants (and Dodgeballing them!)
John Doerr says that he doesn't see browser in Google's future but still, if it quacks like a browser builder, it's probably a browser building duck.

So what's next from Google? An Orkut that isn't all-Brazil-all-the-time?

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