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20040901 Wednesday September 01, 2004

Hateful Honeypot Posted to Craigslist Nets Some Laughs

Targetting the RNC crowd coming to New York for this week's goosestepping, apparently a Republican Blond was able to elicit quite a response.

Ah, the things that turn up on Craig's List. Apparently the text of the ad read

I'm just in town for the week, and New Yorkers haven't been all that friendly yet, so I figure I better make the most of it. Let's keep it simple, I'm hot, you're fit, and you're gonna take it all out on me.

The replies (apparently including pictures) made their way to Gawker. Oy, I wish I had so much free time on my hands that I could spare some to pull a funny like that, I suppose the republican's economic policies that have led to high under-and-unemployment had to come back to bite their butts sooner or later.

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