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20041019 Tuesday October 19, 2004

The MUNI gods frown on me I specifically didn't walk from BART today because of the downpour of rain, I transferred to MUNI to take the N-Judah down towards the Caltrain station. What a mistake!

Sure, I have a rain parka but that's not the point, I wanted to avoid having my backpack get saturated. So after waiting about 10 minutes, a two car N-Judah rolls into Embarcadero station at aroun 8:40 or so with the robotic audio announcement "two car. mission bay. now approaching...." A crowd piles on; I don't think the MUNI scheduling people have realized that a lot of people work near the ball park.

Out on the surface streets at Harrison, the driver announces that it's the last stop and that the next N would arrive in 3 minutes! Why would they cut the route 3 stops short?! Everyone spills out into the deluge of wind and rain; the shelter there hardly has adequate room, so most of us are getting wet. BTW, that was train cars number 1481 and 1483, in case any MUNI hacks are reading this. Almost 10 minutes later, I ended up getting back on the first train as it showed up on the opposite side of the platform, going the other way -- I was getting concerned that the rain would soak through my backpack and get my powerbook wet. On the way back to Embarcadero station, I saw the "next train" -- it was packed; looked like there would barely be room for all of the folks who'd withstood the rain waiting for it. I finally got another train and got to the office by 9:10am. Thanks for the convenient adventure, MUNI!

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