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20040704 Sunday July 04, 2004

War, lies, burgers, baseball and the American Way I'll be observing this 4th of July doing a few very American activities: criticizing our government and bar-b-queing.

So let's get the serious stuff out of the way. Why does George Bush enjoy half the popularity he does? He's by far the worst president of modern times. In the build up to the Iraq war I was skeptical of the Weapons of Mass Destruction pretext and puzzled by the lack of Democratic Party outrage at how weak Colin Powell's "not Adlai Stevenson caliber" presentation to the UN was. As the US ultimately occupied Iraq and came up empty, the shallowness of the outrage in the US was further an outrage. Now as it has been widely corroborated that the Bush administration was determined to find pretext for war on Iraq from its inception, I would expect impeachment proceedings. I mean, damn, the American public would impeach the other guy for lying about a blow job but give this one a pass for sending several hundred American boys off to die on predicated on lies? Gimme a laugh about a cum stained dress anyday, thank you. George Bush has pulled a fast one on us, running up deficit spending and saluting the homecoming of body bags. He deserves criminal indictment, not re-election. He has not defended my freedom, he's sullied it with shameful lies. Soldiers and their families should be Mad As Hell and Not Take It Anymore. Impeach Bush.

So I'm spending the day with my loved ones. And since the burner and other components of my old bar-b-que were terribly corroded, I did my patriotic duty and went to Sears to get a new one.
This is pretty high quality device that assembled pretty easily. I think accompanying today's interleague play between the Giants and the A's with some burgers and hotdogs and hanging out with the family will be my way of flag waving.

See ya at the next Anti-War rally!

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Hey Ian- We got a new BBQ also. My wife had taken a look at the one we used for about 3 years or so and went to a hardware shop and found a weber which we tried for the first time yesterday. Today, our family is having the bbq and we are doing the get together thing there. The one we got is a 22.5 inch charcoal grill and it really was a nice improvement since the old one was falling apart. Hope you guys have a great holiday today! Mike and family

Posted by Michael Perry on July 04, 2004 at 12:10 PM PDT #

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