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20040518 Tuesday May 18, 2004

Speaking of outing, Bill Gates uses Mac OS X Well, they do develop applications for the Mac platform.

But it's still funny to see it captured in a snapshot. Wondering what he's thinking about, "Maybe if virii were written with a portability layer, these suckers would get infected too... hrm" ( May 18 2004, 03:36:35 PM PDT ) Permalink

Keep It Real, JBoss The blogosphere is abuzz with the apparent exposure of the JBoss groups' shadowy marketing tactics. Are they really skulking around pretending to be a fan base when in fact they were posting about themselves?

The signal to noise ratio on TheServerSide's Forum have never kept me glued to the conversations but they recently outed users who share locations, which hopefully, by reducing anonymity, will raise the signal level a bit. Though recently enriched with a $10M investment from Intel, the JBoss group may have to spend some of the funds earmarked for engineering on PR instead. There's certainly no shortage of bile being offered for one of the most ambitious open source J2EE code bases, is there? "Anonymous Fakers!" declares Mike Spille. Lots of downloads evidently doesn't translate into lots of love.

Is this a redux of the fraudulent reviews on Amazon thing?

I'm wondering now if the comment-throughput on all of these blogs hosted on jroller.com have crashed their server; those blogs were inaccessible for a while today. Ya know, JBoss can run embed Tomcat as its web container (the server identifier says "Apache-Coyote/1.1" which in all likelihood is Tomcat). Hah, maybe they're running on JBoss!

OK, probably not. But nothing is shocking, is it? ( May 18 2004, 03:20:33 PM PDT ) Permalink
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