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20040523 Sunday May 23, 2004

What would Google do? The blog index spam issue has to be something that our friends at Google have already accounted for.

Google already has a lot of Secret Sauce in their page rank heuristics. Presumably they've already got some automated Google bomb detection but I sure would be interested in knowing the specifics of how they accomplish that. ( May 23 2004, 01:47:00 PM PDT ) Permalink

Further Ruminations on Blog Index Spam Every time I think of easy ways to squash blog index spam, I can think of countermeasures that They Who Eat Their Young might employ to circumvent those efforts.

Perhaps the Vote Links is a bad idea after all (sorry, Kevin). It would be trivial for blog index spammers to catch on and merely add their thumbs-up vote in the links in the content they're clogging the ping stream with. Perhaps there's a sunnyside to this issue, in the same way that comment spam can provide fodder for anthropological amusement, maybe there's something valuable in blog index spam.

Well, no. All spammers should deserve to be treated to a merciless onslaught of pain. Period. ( May 23 2004, 10:54:38 AM PDT ) Permalink