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20050404 Monday April 04, 2005

How Not to Learn Japanese I've been collaborating with a team in Tokyo a lot over the previous few months. They've been very gracious about speaking English with me but I've been unable to reciprocate. Anyway, I've had my eye on the w3c conference in Chiba. I should probably learn to speak a little Japanese.
This is what I'm not going to be doing to learn Japanese:
Kanji Quiz Toilet Paper
This is an extremely extraordinary item, toilet paper with the power to teach! For those who prefer to "sit in the library" this great paper can provide... hours (?) of fun and prepare them for that pop quiz in Japanese class the next morning. Three different methods of learning are provided "multiple choice", "reading", and "philosophical fill-in-the-blank". Written in a soft blue color on white. A superb item for anyone interested in studying Japanese, it's really cool on many different levels.
- eBay blurb where this was offered for $4.80
Maybe I'll just take the phrase book or something.

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