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20050410 Sunday April 10, 2005

del.icio.us investment details Joshua Schachter just announced the specifics of the del.icio.us investment. It's an intriguing cast of characters.

Here's the roster:

On the mound: Union Square Ventures
specializes in infomediation
Catcher: AMZN
Amazon is certainly interested in how you tag the products your interested in
1st base: Marc Andreesen
what's he up to now?
2nd base: BV Capital
Bertelsmann Ventures are playahs
short stop: Esther Dyson
another leading light
3rd base: Seth Goldstein
Right field: Tim O'Reilly
book mogul
Center field: Bob Young
founder of RedHat
Left field: Josh Koppelman
The half.com guy
DH: Howard Morgan
Not sure, IdeaLab?
I've been a del.icio.us fan for a long time, this seemed inevitable. Looks like a lot of good folks, congrat's to del.icio.us!

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