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20060219 Sunday February 19, 2006

The Dick Cheney Humor Train

For once in a great while we have a political todo with a real smoking gun and it has been some of the most entertaining political hoopla the blogosphere has ever seen. It's like we're under an attack of laugh bombs from the QLGF (doncha know about the Quail Liberation Guerilla Front?). I posted about the I got shot by Dick Cheney page but the conversation fodder keeps on a-coming:

In association with Zazzle.com
Cheney's Got A Gun (Aerosmith spoof) provides the video and soundtrack
The Bob Rivers Show - 102.5 KZOK Seattle (grr... packaging flash as a windows executable)
Dick Cheney Quail Hunt action packed game
Canned Hunting at its Cannedest
Dave Letterman's Top Ten
And no shortage of hardy hars from Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and so forth.

I've been following this Technorati search for the blogosphere's yucks and the posts from About.com's Political Humor feed for most everything else:

And of course, there are the products:

In addition to the Ready... Fire... Aim t-shirt above, there's Dick Cheney: Reducing the burden on social security one old bird at a time and other stuff
I'd Rather Hunt With Dick Cheney Than Ride With Ted Kennedy and such bumper stickers, t-shirts, yadda yadda
Yee haw!

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