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20070410 Tuesday April 10, 2007

Technorati's Blog Top Tags Widget

We've been working on technologies to support scalable widget publishing and serving over at Technorati. One product of that effort is the recently announced Blog Tag Cloud Widget. With this widget, your readers can browse your blog by pivoting on the tags in your posts.

View blog top tags
Some geeky details: The widget technologies leverage Technorati's internal event distribution system to trigger content generation with asynchronous publishing. There's still much to be done but we're shaking out the kinks to enable a broader repertoire of useful, timely and easy to use widgets. We've got boatloads of ideas for more widgets, check out the Technorati Tools page for more information about the Blog Top Tags and the other widget goodies we've cooked up. And we love to see what independent developers such as Doug Karr come up with; if you DIY with the Technorati API, tell us about it. But even if you don't feel like rolling your own, let us know what grabs your fancy. If there's data on Technorati that you think would be great to embed in your blog, let us know; maybe we'll make a widget out of it!


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