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20070415 Sunday April 15, 2007

San Francisco's 1980s metal scene in 2007

The underground metal scene of years gone by had reunion on a Thursday night at the Bottom of the Hill. The circumstance that summoned this event into being was a sad one, the tragic passing of Curtis Grant. Proceeds from the show went to Curtis' family. Amazingly, while so many of us have gone very separate ways, word still managed to get around. How surreal it was to see friends, roommates, x-bandmates, drinking buddies, partners in crime and everybody else (some of these guys I know from 7th grade) who emerged from the woodwork into the dimly lit, loud tweaky PA-system and drinks ambiance of Bottom of the Hill. Stranger still was running into people and, after so many years, not remembering their names or exactly who they were. But that didn't really matter, for on Some Enchanted Evening all shall gather whatever memories that still carry from decades gone by, re-introduce themselves and celebrate.

The evening's kick off with Mercenary and Mordred got things off to a bombastic start. American Heartbreak came out after them with a great set, they rocked! The Steve Scate's Mordred formation was awesome, so heavy! 20 years ago, I'd have never imagined that the cavemen-in-the-ice-berg could thaw out and turn it on but that's what it seemed like -- Ruthie's Inn 1985... ZAP! Bottom of the Hill 2007. Frozen in time... Sven still looks the same! Why isn't he all salt-n-peppa gray like me? Sven, where's your goddamned fountain o' youth? Maybe I'm just working too hard. I should find out what brand of vitamins he's been taking. And the years have been kind to Ron Quintana too, look at him here mugging it up with me. Metal Mania! Photo courtesy of umlaut, thanks

At the top of the bill was Anvil Chorus. Like the private Anvil Chorus reunion I wrote about a few years ago, this reminder of of what could have been, what should have been, a break-out act 25 years ago was mind blowing. Good coverage has been already been rendered by umlaut, it would be duplicative to go into the set they did in detail. Suffice to say, they are a superbly talented bunch and it was fantastic to see them perform! Thaen, Joe, Aaron, Doug and (whoever you were playing keyboards) - thanks!

Here's a lil "Blondes in Black" to get you in the moment:

But wait! There's more!

Mr. Wizard sez: "Dreezle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drone. Time for this one to come home!" (to 1983):

Kudo's to Eric Lannon for getting this together for Curtis' family. Good luck to Thaen, on his way to Tokyo to tour with Vicious Rumours!

So I think I've had my fill of nostalgia for now but I understand the 25th anniversary of the show I founded on KUSF 90.3 FM, Rampage Radio, is coming up in a few weeks. So maybe I'll see you there and if you want to hear some Black Sabbath or Merciful Fate at 7am, I might just be there to dish it out for old times sake!


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