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20070430 Monday April 30, 2007

Blogging Upright

I've been asleep just about all day, the pain killers and muscle relaxants they gave me last night were that good.

It all started a few weeks ago when EBMUD sent me a water bill that indicated over three times our normal water usage (and three times the cost). Everything seemed fine with all of the household plumbing. I called for an inspection, their inspector didn't show up on the day I expected them. But we got a note left on the door saying that, while nobody is home, the water meter runs continuously and that our usage continues to be unusually high.

Over the weekend, I checked around the house more diligently. What I thought may have been a wet spot by the side of the garage (not far from a spigot) seemed like a good candidate, so I got the shovel and started digging. The soil didn't get much softer as I dug deeper. There was no specific motion or event that I recall being more vigorous than others but in the hours that followed, a pain in my lower back grew. And grew. And grew to a point of intensity that everything I did hurt in my lower back. Sitting down. Getting up from a sitting position. Laying down. Everything hurt, intensely! A doctor friend of mine told me that I musta skipped charter 2 of the "You're over 40 now" manual where it is specified not to do any more shoveling. Doh!

At the emergency room, they gave me a cocktail of toradol, dilaudid and phenergan and a prescription for soma and percocet. The shot last night really knocked me out, I've been asleep off and on most of the day today. I'm gonna be doing a lot of laying down with ice on my back. A lot of walking around. But not a lot of sitting. So, I'm writing this post woozy from the drugs but standing upright with the pooter on the kitchen counter. Gonna go for a walk next. I need to resolve things with the water company and the plumbing on our premises.


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